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Welcome to apply to Valdres summer courses, 2022! 

The applications will be answered before February 15th. You have to confirm the place you have been offered before March 1st, 2022. 

The application deadline is January 15th 2022. 

You apply for the first or second period, or both. Please choose which course you would like to attend from the options below. A jury will decide what course would be the best fit for you, based on the information and recording you have provided. If you want to know more about the different courses, please visit our website.

Make sure you have a link to a recroding from the last twelve months. 

To be able to complete the application and payment you must accept cookies in your web browser. Please make sure that all the boxes have been filled out correctly and that you have checked all the boxes required. 

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Are you a student at a college or university?
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All students will be staying in double rooms and the hotel Scandic Valdres in Fagernes. Please let us know if you prefer a single room, before January 15th.
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Course period
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1. period (22. - 27.june)
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Elective course 2.period (June 27th - July 2nd)
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See prisliste for information regardring prices (opens in a new window)
I was born in 2011 or later and must therefore have a parent with me during the course
All applicants born in 2011 or later must be accompanied by a parent. Note that you can only bring one parent if you are staying at the school. This is so we are able to offer room to as many applicants as possible.
Please write the name of your parent
Click on this link prisliste for information regarding our prices (opens in a new web browser).
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Contact information for parent or emergency contact
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Siblings who are applying to the course
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